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An Interesting Bottle of Comandon Cognac from the early 1980s in Quebec

I received a question from our friends in Canada on an holder bottle of Comandon and I wanted to share with everyone.


We come from Quebec in Canada

My husband inherited from his father 15 years ago this bottle of

cognac. We would be curious to know the year of production of this bottle because there is no information on the label.

Having been kept in good conditions, we opened it and

that the cork has disintegrated, your cognac tastes divinely good in these

confinement time.

Thank you and Cheers!!"


This bottle dates from the early 1980s. It is a VS cognac which was matured for 2 to 3 years in oak barrels, and then bottled. Cognac does not age once in the bottle (not like wine) and under 'normal conditions' cognac does not deteriorate. If the cork is damaged, the risk is that the alcohol will evaporate, and thus the cognac will no longer be at 40% as it is traditional, but at 38% or less and therefore it will be smoother but less marked. I thank you for your email. Too bad we are not selling in Quebec at the moment because your governments make it very difficult for artisan brands to be distributed in the provinces of Canada, and rather favor the big brands for mass distribution purpose. We are celebrating our 200 years of business and we hope to return to Quebec one day! Note that 99% of cognacs do not mention the age of the cognacs. However, Comandon for the past ten years has set apart for mentioning ages and dates which was a revolution and it now copied by other brands now.


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