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Comando XO Ocean

Comando XO Ocean



"Fashion Changes over Time but Comandon Cognac Remains Strong after 202 Years!"

The House of Comandon is a very different cognac company as we focus all our energy on setting trends rather following trends. We experiment and revolutionize. We believe in being different, and sometimes being different is the right thing to do.


Some of our differences include:


* Single Batch Cognac: we do not produce the same cognac day after day, and year after year but instead let the nature be and we make unique batch for each of our production lot. Once it is drunk there is no more, like it is done with high quality wines.


* Single Cask Cognac: we believe in individualism, that is a unique cask is like a person, each one is unique and somethimes even better than a blend.

Patrick and Franck Vigneron, The Comandon’s Master Cognac Makers, hand-selects the finest cognac from less than 1% of the casks they review. The result of this scrupulous selection process is a single cask cognac selection which is unequalled.  'Nil Sine Labore' [nothing without work] is our company motto since 1821.


“Highly Recommended”

Spirit Journal


“One of the 12 hottest spirits in the USA

a profile better balanced than a valedictorian’s extracurricular activities

perfect synchronicity between young and mature cognacs

well-honed skills developed by the House of Comandon, founded in 1821 and ever-appreciated”

The Tasting Panel Magazine

“Very complex and intriguing. Exceptional”

Beverage Tasting Institute

“One of the Best Spirits! Skip the stuff endorsed by celebrity musicians

and pick up a cognac you won't see on TV, like Comandon”


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