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A few weeks ago, Mark from Canada emailed me to ask questions about the first edition of the Comandon Coronation, i.e., Borderies Lot 74 which 10 bottles only were produced. Mark lives in Canada and he found the bottle online in a store in the USA and he was able to purchase it via a friend in the USA, and then, his friend brought the bottle to him driving to Canada.

Mark just received the bottle tonight and he was amazed as he wrote this short email to me:

"Franck the bottle has just arrived and it looks amazing! Just a question, would you open and taste the cognac or would you keep it, as it is a collector item? Thank you for all your correspondence. Mark"

Here is my answer to Mark.

"Normally, I would say enjoy... life is short, you deserve it...We only made 10 bottles, this was the first edition, and no matter what the number is going to be, it is going to be low. This is a very exclusive production that would normally make it a product not to drink but to keep as a collector. I saw that you attached a photo and sort of unfortunately your bottle is No.8 which makes it the most valuable for Asian customers. Asian customers easily pay twice the original value for something that has the number 8 in it and who knows how many times more for this type of exclusivity. Congratulations you locked in! I think you should keep it. Regards, Franck"

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