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COMANDON Cognac “Classic Line” might seem classic to the amateur eyes but in fact it is revolutionary. We make small-batch productions and do not focus on making the same cognac continuously but rather champion the single batch differences.  Process: Artisanal distillation with lees or without lees depending on the batch, then we age a few months in new French oak casks, and then we finish our batch for several years in older French oak casks.

Even though our cognacs are limited and rare editions targeted at elite consumers we offer prices which are competitive to the mass produced mega brands available everywhere. Consequently, we exceed customer perceived value by offering more unique products with added benefits but still within the budget and familiar classic lines such as VS, VSOP, and XO cognacs our customers expect. In sum, something 'new' and 'more for the same'.

Comandon Cognac is not for everyone but customers who are interested in a boutique brand who is trying harder. Nonetheless, the professional and experts are continuously recognizing Comandon as one of the highest rated cognac in international competition if one needs to be re-assured.

Since we decided to make 'Single Batch' cognac for our VS, VSOP and XO lines, every batch is different and we think this is a good thing which differentiate ourselves from the other brands who are focused on producing the same cognac day after day without letting nature be.


These are the general standards for the minimum age required for each quality:

* Very Special is at least 2 years old.

* Very Superior Old Pale is at least 4 years old.

* Extra Old is at least 6 years old.


It might be simple to look at the ages and compare to say that we have younger single batches in the USA right now but it is a little complicated.

The issue is that the cognac that comes from different regions in Cognac age at different speeds.

Fins Bois ages faster, that say Grande Champagne, but a Grande Champagne blend might be more complexe at a younger age.


Hence, the blends from these single batches are different and therefore the blends ages may differ as a result of the different cognacs in the blend.


All that matters is that we keep a base line among our qualities with these typicities:

* VS = LIGHT & FRUITY: apple and honey 

* VSOP = SPICY: spices and vanilla.

* XO = RICH FRUITS: lingering qualities of an XO with complex fresh flavors

* EXTRA OLD = DEEP & COMPLEX: Almond & candied fruits.

COMANDON Cognac “Very Special” (VS) is a harmonious blend of some fourty eaux-de-vie from the best terroirs of the Cognac region selected for character and softness. It is aged for between 4 and 8 years in red Limousin oak casks that enhance our cognacs with subtle aromas. The result of this superior blend is an exceptionally fine and smooth cognac VS.



The bouquet is complex for a young cognac with elegant and delicate shades of vanilla and honey. Rancio shades appear during aeration with young and bright fruit and flowers; nose mixes young, very ripe clean, smooth, very well balanced, with no acidity and tannic "grip", very easy-to-drink and lasting flavors. The color is a light, brilliant, golden yellow. Comandon VS has a clean vanilla bouquet, with overtones of wild roses and dried apricot. Its taste is fruity and light on the palate, with excellent flavors that lingers in the mouth for about 5 minutes.

On the nose stone fruit leather is bright and tangy alongside sweet pear aromas. Supple and silky on the palate, flavors of white tea, fresh cut flowers, fresh pears and meyer lemons all intermix well. Clean, crisp and delightful.


COMANDON COGNAC  XO GENESIS “200 Years Anniversary"

This cognac marks the 200th anniversary of Comandon Cognac, highlighting the three successive regimes: since the Napoleonic era, then the Monarchy and finally the Republic. A story of men marked by time which gives cognac its renowned authenticity.


Assemblage of cognacs from Grande Champagne, Fins Bois and Bons Bois with a distillation on the lees.

Wet cellar aging in Boutiers St-Trojan.


This is the first cognac ever to be gone trough the limited handcrafted process of 'Rarified Cognac System'. This system consists in aging cognacs in rare wine casks and then assembling these rare cask cognac with the XO cognac batch.


Rarified Cognac System with Grande Champagne 2004, Rare Cask Finished in Château Desmirail, Ex-Margaux Barrel


Tasting Notes


Red berry fruits, rose and strawberry jam, orange zest, caramel, and ripe dates.



Medium-bodied, quite spiced, plummy fruits and sticky dates with hints of creamy vanilla and hazelnut, mocha coffee, and nectarines.



Long spice and toffees, rich plums, herbal tobacco leaf, and macerated cherries.


Profile:  ripe plums and toasted breads


Overall the Comandon Cognac XO Genesis 200 years old anniversary is very complexe with a great balance between the intrinsic matured XO influences and Rare Cask Finish cognac assembled to make this batch.

Comandon-No 1 Rue Saulnier-1.jpg

COMANDON COGNAC No.1 RUE SALUNIER “200 Years Anniversary"

This cognac marks the 200th anniversary of Cognac Comandon, by highlighting the address of its headquarters at No.1 rue Saulnier. Saulnier Street is the emblematic street where cognac started. A story of men marked by time which gives cognac its renowned authenticity. Comandon Cognac pays tribute to the legendary street where the history of cognac was born and where cognac became an international emblem of excellence.


Tasting Notes


A balanced nose of deep vanilla notes and earthy coffee notes, with bright hints of fresh orchard fruits developing underneath.



Powerful black cherry and gingerbread flavours give way to cinnamon and clove. Flashes orange peel combine with a subtle tobacco note and the return of the coffee notes



Long with a lingering warmth, with enjoyable bittersweet elements of citrus which highlights an undercurrent of charred oak.


Profile:  Spicy fruit notes and elegant richness


Comandon Cognac No.1 Rue Saulnier celebrates 200 years of cognac tradition and looks up to the future using one of the emblematic area of the Cognac region.

COMANDON Cognac Very Superior Old Pale (VSOP) is a harmonious blend of some sixty eaux-de-vie from the best terroirs of the Cognac region selected for character and softness. It is aged for between 8 to 12 years in red Limousin oak casks that enhance our cognacs with subtle aromas. The result of this superior blend is a rare easily pleasing outstanding cognac.


Notes of old Sauterne wines mingle with very old port flavors and aromas of vanilla. A light note of fresh flowers and exotic spices round out this mellow and smooth cognac. The color is an intense golden-amber with copper shining through. Very interesting complexity and structure with taste of fruits, orange, pear, apricot, and lingering nuttiness. Comandon Cognac VSOP has an excellent fruit intensity complemented by subtle hints of brown sugar sweetness. Its taste offers a good balance of fruits and oak, with excellent flavors that lingers in the mouth for about 10 minutes.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Aromas are light and pretty with plenty of white flowers and apple blossoms. Smooth and consistent in the mouth with flavors starting out as white peach then turning to cinnamon infused caramel on the long finish.

COMANDON Cognac XO Signature symbolizes our vision of what represents an outstanding young XO. Many customers mistakenly believe that XO cognacs should necessary be extremely old to be good when in fact it is well known by professionals and spirit fans that older spirits are not necessarily better. 

XO Signature embodies the characteristics of 'youth' and 'freshness'. While one may recognized that it might not be the smoothest, sweetest and most lingering XO, s/he will eventually notice that in contrast it is very complexe and structured. Our XO Signature offers a variety of flavors sometimes fruity, sometimes spicy, and other times flowery depending on the individualized batches but it always exceeds other XO cognacs in its freshness and sharper flavors.


We deliberately look for harmonious younger XOs to craft small batch limited selections. This is not the norm and in fact it is quite going against the norm but we believe that the authenticity of our cognacs will eventually conquer the new exploratory customers who are searching for more unique experiences when enjoying the consumption of spirits.


Comandon XO Signature has won the prestigious World Best XO at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, which is the international leading rating authority and competition for spirits.

COMANDON Cognac XO EXTRA OLD is a very balanced cognac crafted from the best terroirs of the Cognac region selected for character and softness. It is aged far beyond the legal minimum age requirement for an XO which enhances our cognac with subtle aromas. The result of our work is a limited production authentic cognac XO.


We select specific casks to craft the XO EXTRA OLD which typically show maturity and are easily pleasing to the senses. We still look for 'youth' in the sense that we look for bright flavors and signs of freshness rather than just a bold age statement or rustic flavors. The Comandon Cognac XO EXTRA OLD is rich and concentrated, with superb balance which is one of its main recognized strength. A powerful cognac with a long structure that makes for a full bodied but refined cognac, with excellent lingering qualities in the mouth for over 20 minutes.


Each cognac is packaged by hand, from the placing of labels to the closing of the cases. Each bottle is crafted in small batch of less than 2000 bottles, with each bottle being numbered, sometimes by hand.

Comandon Cognac XO EXTRA OLD is an authentic representative of refined French luxury with a level of exclusivity and quality rarely achieved for the discerning customers.


Comandon XO EXTRA has been recognized multiple times as the winner of World Best Cognac of 'ALL CATEGORIES' and against 'ALL BRANDS' at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. 


COMANDON Cognac is looking after its customers with


Some Symbolic meaning for 'Angel Share'

Alcohol and water are the main components of cognac. The cognac is aged in oak barrels and slowly becomes darker with exposure to the oak, absorbing in particular the tannins from the wood and oxidising little by little with the air in the cellar. 2 to 6% of the volume of the cognac evaporates during ageing, and this portion is known as the Angel's share.



However, this evaporation is not all a loss. The angel's share helps with the maturation process and the smoothness in the cognac.

Comandon Cognac Fantôme is inspired by this natural and desirable Angel's Share but this angel is a Fantôme, as translated to Phantom in English. Fantômes are the human representations of a spirit, and in this case we believe the Angels working in our cellars are specifically human spirits who might be our family members who came back to give us a hand in the cellar.

Comandon Cognac Fantôme is higher proof because we have asked the angels not to take so much!


Comandon Sour

2 cl Comandon Cognac Fantôme

1 cl lime juice

a bit of real sugar syrup & a few cherries

Give all ingredients into the shaker but the cherry, mix, serve – add the cherry for decoration.

Comandon Cognac Fantome With Glass of Cognac.jpg

COMANDON Cognac is constantly working on new products to offer more value and bring variety to our customers.

Hence, we collaborate with other people so as to bring new ideas and energies in our family business. Recently, we started collaborating with Le Garage Bar in Cognac.

Comandon X Le Garage Cognac was created in collaboration with Le Garage Bar which is an iconic bar & restaurant in the center of Cognac 'old town'. Originally, Le Garage was a car dealership starting in 1873 working on carriage before working on cars. It sold and serviced legendary brands of cars now long gone such as De Dion-Bouton, Delaunay-Belleville, Delahaye, Panhard & Levassor, Delage, Rochet-Schneider, Talbot or Clément-Bayard...


Le Garage Bar offers a new and revisited list of cognac cocktails. This cognac is unique since it is crafted one time only from a ‘Single Batch', without chill-filtration for the full benefits of our senses which should impress any Cognac enthusiast.


COCKTAILS A COGNAC created by Bob Wat

from Le Garage for COMANDON X LE GARAGE Cognac









Some story and trivia... The COMANDON X LE GARAGE COGNAC's label is inspired from a Citroen 2 CV metal plate which were in the engine bay and the bottle is reminescent of an old bottle of additives one could find in garages 100 years ago.

Le Garage-De Dion Bouton-Card.jpg
Comandon Cognac Gold Leaf and Glass.jpg

COMANDON Cognac is offering an old school cognac made from heavily toasted and charred casks with the COMANDON COGNAC GOLD LEAF


This is a cognac for people who are interested in classic whiskies.

We produce the Comandon Cognac Gold Leaf cognacs in small batches which varies between VSOP and XO qualities.  In particular, we age the Gold Leaf cognacs in different types of oak casks but in particular with a variation of toastings in order to extract the tannins with more bold flavors.

This method is very common in the whisky production through out the world and it is unlike other cognacs in tastings.


Merry My Rose

Comandon Cognac Gold Leaf

Sparkling wine

balsamic vinegar and rosemary


1 oz Comandon Cognac Gold Leaf

1 oz Rum

1⁄2 oz limoncello liqueur

1⁄2 oz Sugar Syrup (1:1 Sugar to Water)

Stir all ingredients with ice. Strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

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