Comandon Vintage Single Cask Cognac is from a single region appellation. A single cask of cognac left untouched for several years and later selected to be bottled in a limited edition with each bottle having its own serial number.


Our oak casks originate from different kind of regions: Limousin, Tronçais, Allier, etc. We use different casks: first fill, roux, ie, about 4 years old, and re-used and even restored old cask to mature our cognacs, with light toast of about 3 or 4.


In the production of cognac, casks are continuously restored and re-used with new casks being used only for the first year of aging. Hence, it is common for our single casks to have aged in different cask all through their lives but being the same distillate all along.


A good Single Cask Cognac is hard to find, sad to finish and impossible to forget.


We offer a wide variety of combinations with different cognacs aged from 3 years old to 80 years old. We do not add caramel colorings or flavorings, nor sugar, and in general we bottle at cask strength. We limit filtrations prior to bottling and reserve cold filtrations for certain markets where consumers can not tolerate any cloudiness in the bottle.


In principle, the younger cognacs are fruiter but hotter, versus the older cognacs are more mellow and lingering.


Our single cask cognacs are regulated and controlled by the French government under the supervision of the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC).


Essentilally there are 4 types of regulated single cask cognacs.


Type 1: Certified Age Statement Age of cognac is certified by the French government.


Type 2: Non-Certified Age Statement Producer knows the age but it is not certified by the French government.


Type 3: Certified Vintage Vintage is certified by French government.


Type 4: Not-Certified Vintage Year of production is known by the producer. The age and the vintage is based on the date where the cognac was first placed in the cask right after the distillation.

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