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In 2009 Max and Sophie von Olfers (brother and sister) started Cognac-Expert with just a small blog, with short articles reporting on various facets of the Cognac region, the cognac producers and the international news about cognac.

Their vision was to support small Cognac producers and offer them an international platform for their Cognac brands.

I myself a producer of limited edition cognacs was inspired by the variety of subjects they were covering with a professional tone which I was not acustomed before. They quickly evolved into the leading source for the industry and were recognized by the Bureau National Interprofesionnel du Cognac (BNIC) as the International Cognac Writer of the year in 2013.

Now, they offer about 200 brands and 800 different cognacs, and I am pleased that they selected Comandon Cognac to be featured on for the month of March.

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