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We are back in K&L Wines!

Comandon and K&L Wines is an old history dating back to 2009 when I met David Othenin-Girard who had just recently joined the company. I was very impressed by his sense of innovation and his enthusiasm to change the stereotypes. It is though a brain storming that we discussed the concept of Single Cask and I said why not to him. Later David Driscoll became a strong supporter of Comandon, and both Davids were very influential in the single cask programs that we have carried on since 2009.

Remember it was with K&L Wines that we initially started selling our first Single Cask Cognacs.

K&L Wines is carrying one of our recent Single Cask, Vintage 2012, Borderies, Unchill-fitlered, 41.5% alc/vol, and yield of 600 bottles of cognac. This is rare to find and an exclusive production available from Comandon.

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