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Whisky Drinkers Liking Comandon

We are getting a great deal of attentions from whisky drinkers who are looking for new spirits outside of the traditional whisky category and this is great. Typical spontaneous message that we get through our general email system looks like below.


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Name Joe Smith


Subject VS in Australia

Message Hello, I’m writing from Australia. I’m a whisky guy just started to get into Cognac. I’ve discovered sidecars and love them. So I’m looking for a go-to VS cognac for cocktails and yours intrigued me. Problem is, I’ve never tried it. I guess my question is, I find a lot of cognac producers add a lot of additives to their spirits. Do you do the same? E150 is one thing I guess but I supposed I want to make sure I’m getting a good product. Thanks!


There are many kind of whiskies from different styles, different country-of-origins, and different methods of production. These wide variety of choices allow for people to experiment with whisky and eventually it opens people's mind to other types of spirits. Often cognac appears as the experiential option for 'another' brown spirits to venture into and Comandon becomes an option through its many facets and experimental expressions. We are sort of the whisky-friendly type of cognac for open minded spirits lovers.

We also have many points of view which may seem familiar to whisky aficionados such as higher proofs, single casks, no filtration, no caramel, and etc.

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