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Hi-Time Gourmet Wines and Spirits and Bluewater Grill of Tustin have the pleasure to co-sponsor a Cognac Experience featuring rare cognac's from "The House of Comandon". Treat yourself to experience a guided tasting of Cognac’s best kept secret and highly rated cognacs. This cognac tasting will feature Comandon Cognac at the Bluewater Grill restaurant in Tustin, and it will be presented by the owner of Comandon, Franck Vigneron whose cognacs have won three times ‘world best cognac’. There are not too many that can say that! Comandon was established in 1821 by first generation cognac maker Pierre Comandon. For more than a hundred years, Comandon was a leading brand of cognac producing repeatedly the same blended cognac day-after-day as it is the tradition for most cognac brands to this day. In 2008, the new generation wanted to do something different and they revived the old concept of ‘cognac independent bottler’ which consists in making a wide range of diverse cognacs in small batches which cannot be repeated indefinitely. So everything is crafted in limited editions. In an industry that is committed to keep everything the same and largely dominated by a few huge conglomerates, Comandon is appearing to go against the current. However, the world is changing and more people are interested in trying craft or small-batch spirits. Comandon is continuously experimenting and searching for new ways to enhance the enjoyment of cognac within its traditional and legal boundaries. They are relentlessly coming up with new processes and innovative new ideas to broaden the appeal of cognac to more people. They are breaking the stereotype of cognac being for old people in winter by the fireplace … to being for spirits fanatic looking for a unique and always changing, a surprising and cheerful cognac that do not try to intimidate you. “We believe that making cognac in limited small batches allows us to individualize the crafting of each batch and significantly add to the authenticity of the spirits’ finish” says Franck Vigneron. Comandon is motivated to preserve the ancient artisan skills while elevating the next generation of master craftsmen for the benefits of consumers looking for more authentic experiences. And if you go to Cognac remember to visit the Comandon House, in the center of old town, built by the Romans in the 4th century AC. That’s old!

WHERE: The Bluewater Grill, in the District, Tustin, CA WHEN: Thursday April 27th, 6:30-8pm. COST: $55 to be paid per person when coming at Bluewater Grill on the day of the event before entering. Mention the words: "HI-TIME" to pay $35.

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