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Spain produces wonderful brandy made with the renown 'Solera' method. They have a great tradition of brandy from their wine heritage and also a long history with distillation. France and Spain strangely enough also share the top position for largest drinker of whisky per capita in the world.

France and Spain do not drink much cognac, and traditional Spanish brandy is becoming less trendy within the current younger generations.

Who cares!? There are enough smart people in Spain who truly believe in quality craft spirits that we think this is a prime market to tell people who we are.

In fact, Akkers Spirits lead by Geer Akkers, the owner, is making a huge effort to get attention from this very small niche of people growing an interest for limited edition and small batch spirits.

Last November 2016, Spirit Akkers launched Comandon in Spain, and it is becoming a steady success. Very few bottles of Comandon are made and allocated for the Spanish market.


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