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Whisky Live Paris 2016

The event was very busy with a great deal of people.

Still people were looking for Whisky more than Cognac ... I know the name of the event is Whisky Live.

I went to other Whisky Live events in the world and there were no other spirits than whisky. So at least here they were many other kind of spirits.

Many people were not even interested in trying cognac.

For the most part the reasons were: "I am not a cigar smoker" ... "I am not old enough yet, this is for elderly" ... "It is not cold enough outside, this is for winter seasons" ..."it is too strong" and so forth.

A few people reluctantly accepted to try cognac. Why not they had already paid for the entry?!

Most visitors believe every whisky is very different whereas they believe every cognac is about the same, so there is no point for them in trying a second brand of cognac or a third and etc.

. In some instance, visitors turned down trying cognac during this 2016 Whisky Live event. Why? Because they already had tried one cognac last year and they did not expect to get anything different.

Ahahahah!! Poor France it will be a long time before it changes.

99% of the cognac is sold outside of France and the 1% of cognac is consumed in France by foreigners visiting France.

Nevertheless, we were still able to taste to a lot of people and the answers were the same we always get:

"This is really smooth and delicate, I did not know cognac was like that" ... "I never liked cognac before but this one is really fruity" ... "I like the finish on this cognac, it reminds me of the finish of this whisky so and so" ... People that knew about cognac and who were looking for something different were all satisfied and came back for more.

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