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We are always excited to hear about our fans and today I received this photo from Axel in Glendale, California.

Axel purchased a Comandon VSOP produced in 2013 from a small batch of 3000 bottles. His bottle is numbered 2965th. This batch was very spicy and with apricot flavors lingering into some candied vanilla tastes.

This was our last production of bottles which used this shape of bottle but more important the 'cloud' labels which were inspired from original Comandon labels from the late 1800s.

Little Trivia:

We also used both the English and French quality statement of:

English: VSOP = Very Superior Old Pale

and French: Vieille Fine Cognac.

The word in French 'fine' has nothing to do with the adjective 'fine' as of 'delicate, but a FINE in French means a brandy made from the distillation of grape based wine.

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