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The Witts Visiting Cognac!

Regularly people go to our home in downtown old Cognac and take a photo and then post them somewhere, and sometimes send me the photos. I am always excited to read about people who are following us in our journey to build our small cognac business.

Joe & Elizabeth Witte from Virginia in the USA, contacted me in February 2016 to tell me that they were going to Cognac and that they wanted to visit Comandon, because they saw the show on HGTV called House Hunter International that featured our home. In fact, our show was so successful the first 2 years season that HGTV released a sequel for another 2 years called 'Where are they now?' which featured the house again but mostly the things we were able to do 3 years after we had purchased our home in Cognac.

I was glad to exchange emails with Joe and was able to give him a fews tips on where to stay, where to eat, and what to do in the Cognac region. They are having a good time and they sent me these photos. Great to hear from you Folks!

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